How To Decorate A Small Bathroom

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A small bathroom can really put a damper on your morning and evening routines, and more importantly, make them less efficient but it doesn’t have to! The key to decorating any small space is purpose plus function so you want to ensure all your design decisions are well considered. Before making any drastic changes to your house or moving altogether, check out some of our recommendations on how to decorate your bathroom to make it work for you.

Go Vertical

Utilising the vertical space you have in your bathroom is a great way to maximise the space. You can install wall mounted shelves or a less-involved option is adding hanging storage. This will not only add more practical storage solutions but will also give you an opportunity to add some décor, adding your style to the room.

Play with Texture

With such limited space you can keep things visually interesting in your bathroom by experimenting with texture. This will help to break up the room but if you make the right choices can still ultimately serve a purpose. For example, you can add texture through your bathmat and towel choices, so they are still functional but also a design feature.

Use a Big Mirror

A mirror helps to add light and make the space appear larger so if you can, we recommend adding a big mirror. Not only are mirrors super functional in a bathroom but the optical illusion of making the room seem bigger is a bonus.

Use Tile to Your Advantage

Maintaining the same tile in the shower to the whole bathroom floor is a visual trick you can use to make the room appear larger so, if you can, you might also think about changing up the tiles in your bathroom. With such a wide range of shapes and colours, tiles can help you achieve a striking look in your bathroom without impacting on space. This does however mean more time and money spent but the payoff you will get outweighs it.

Opt for Glass Shower Screens

Keeping the space open and letting the eye flow will make the room appear larger so if possible, we suggest using glass shower screens. This won’t be an option in every space but definitely something to consider in a new build or renovation.

Hide Your Storage

Having too many things left out can make your space appear so much smaller which is why recommend adding storage that can be kept out of sight. You can achieve this through under vanity drawers and behind mirror storage. If you have open storage in bathroom, you can achieve the same through bins and baskets. These will add a fun design element but also allow you to store away your toiletries that would otherwise clutter up your space.