Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Floors & Tiles With Stone3

At Stone3 we are the top-spot if you’re looking for natural stone floss, tiles and wall cladding in Brisbane. We specialise in offering an extensive range of natural stone solutions for every single room in your home that works to blend aesthetics and durability. We are committed to quality craftsmanship that ensures that you are getting the very best natural stone tiles on the market with Stone3. 

As a leading natural stone supplier in both Melbourne and Brisbane we are dedicated to offering you a range of natural stone products that are perfect for your home. Our showroom in Brisbane  is designed to showcase our huge range of natural stone floors, tiles and wall cladding so you can find the perfect fit that doesn’t just look great, but lasts too! 

Natural Stone Suppliers Brisbane: 

Our roots are in Brisbane but we are firm believers in offering our high-quality natural stone tiles and flooring products across the country. At Stone3 we are committed to bringing the very best natural stone products to customers in both Brisbane, and Australia-wide with our extensive shipping options. Whether you’re looking for natural stone products for your own home or you’re shopping for a commercial project, our team of experts can help you find your perfect fit! 

Quality & Sustainability at Stone3

At Stone3 we take pride in ensuring that both quality and sustainability are at the core of our values. Our natural stone selection is sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure that every single product is high-quality and built to last. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by prioritising sustainable practices within every facet of our business. 

Types of Natural Stone Tiles At Stone3

At Stone3 we have a huge range of natural stone tiles that are unique, durable and made for every room of your home! Whether you’re looking for natural loose stone to complete a feature wall, porpoise grey granite for your pool tiles, terrazzo wall tiles to make a real statement or natural travertine tiles for a durable outdoor option we have an option for every single home. 

Explore our range of natural stone tiles and get ready to transform your space!