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Terrazzo Tiles for Every Project

Terrazzo floor tiles Brisbane and Melbourne wide are one of the most popular styles carried by Stone3’s team. Suitable for use throughout your home in kitchen, bathroom, living and outdoor areas, terrazzo floor tiles are a stylish and versatile surface for every space. The beauty and natural variation offered by terrazzo tiles is unmatched by other composite tile materials, and they offer a level of depth that is difficult to achieve any other way. Stone3 carries a selection of terrazzo floor tiles, wall tiles and outdoor terrazzo tiles that blend luxury and warmth to deliver stunning spaces every time.

Stone3’s terrazzo floor tiles Brisbane wide can add the finishing touch to any residential or commercial project you’re working on. With styles ranging from contemporary whites to moody greys, deep emerald and everything in between, our terrazzo tiles are the ideal backdrop for your unique design aesthetic. At our Brisbane showroom, we can help you select terrazzo tiles that complement your style and deliver the touch of classic luxe your space needs.

What are Terrazzo Tiles?

Modern terrazzo tiles have their roots in 18th century Venice where the process for producing the tiles was pioneered. Terrazzo floor tiles Brisbane wide are produced from a mix of marble, quartz and granite chips that are suspended in a concrete base. After the concrete has cured, the surface of the tile is ground back to reveal flecks of the stones used as aggregate. The final result is terrazzo floor tiles that show off a constellation of minerals, providing surfaces with infinite variety and an unmatched sense of depth.

While the process for making terrazzo tiles is centuries old, modern versions are manufactured in much the same way. The terrazzo tiles offered by Stone3’s Brisbane team show off the very best of this classic style. Produced using a range of stunning minerals, such as marble, glass, quartz and more, our terrazzo tiles can lend a warm, luxury appearance to any space. We carry styles in a variety of colourways, aggregate materials and finishes, so we have products to suit every space – including outdoor terrazzo tiles. Talk to our experienced interior design team if you’d like help selecting terrazzo tiles that match the project you’re envisioning.

View the Terrazzo Tiles at Our Brisbane Showroom

Terrazzo tiles lend an undertone of classic luxury to every installation. Stone3 provides terrazzo tile flooring that’s suitable for use throughout your home, and our selection of styles and colourways means we can support any renovation or construction project. Whether you are rebuilding a single bathroom or looking to fit out a large commercial space, Stone3’s Brisbane team can supply terrazzo tiles that match your vision.

If terrazzo tiles aren’t quite your style, at Stone3 we have a range of other natural stone tiles that may be better suited to your space. We have a range of travertine tiles and granite tiles to give your space the natural feel you’ve been searching for. If you want to make more of a statement with your tiles, our range of mosaic tiles act as a beautiful feature that perfectly complement natural stone tiles like our terrazzo floor tiles.

To see how our selection of terrazzo floor tiles or outdoor terrazzo tiles can bring your project to life, come and visit the team in our Brisbane tile showroom. Our interior design experts have decades of industry experience, so we can help realise your vision and choose stunning terrazzo tiles to match your design aesthetic. With a range that includes high quality Italian tiles in dozens of colourways and patterns, we’re ready to help craft incredible spaces that you’ll be proud to call your own. 

Come and visit our showroom to sample our terrazzo floor tiles or terrazzo look tile collection and to find out more about how we can use our terrazzo tiles Brisbane to support your next project.