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Crazy Paving Tiles in Natural Stone

Crazy Paving tiles offer an incredible surface that captures the beauty of Australia’s natural landscape. With irregular shapes and natural, textured surfaces, these pavers make it simple to add a drop of nature to your next design or construction project. 

Our range of indoor and outdoor tiles includes Crazy Paving that’s suitable for every setting. Produced in a variety of natural stones, including sandstone, quartz, porphyry and travertine, Crazy Paving is available in colours that blend effortlessly into your surroundings. Whether you’re building in the heart of the city or out in the bush, Stone3’s tile shop can provide a surface that elevates your design and brings a touch of the natural world to any space.

If you are designing a residential patio or fitting out a major commercial precinct, Crazy Paving can serve as a durable, stunning surface for decades to come. You can browse the complete range of our natural stone Crazy Paving online. Alternatively, you can contact Stone3 for help selecting the right finishes for your next project.

Elevate Your Design with Crazy Paving Tiles

Test the limits of design and break away from the linearity of regular tiles with Crazy Paving from Stone3. Produced in a variety of stunning colourways, Crazy Paving Tiles offer a welcome break from ordinary surfaces, bringing natural variation, depth and interest to any space.

Our Crazy Paving Tiles are an incredibly versatile solution that’s suitable for both internal and external spaces. The bold lines and variable finish of Crazy Pave Tiles provides visual relief, and the variety of natural stone materials allows you to select a finish that perfectly complements any design aesthetic.

Crazy Paving tiles are ideal for residential and commercial spaces. The organic shapes of these tiles create a seamless flow between indoors and out, or they can add incredible detail that offsets more traditional design features. With natural stone bases and durable finishes, these tiles can stand up to use in outdoor spaces, courtyards, driveways, pool areas, living spaces and beyond.

Crazy Paving at Our Brisbane and Melbourne Showrooms

There’s nothing quite like experiencing your tiles and surfaces in person. When it comes to natural stone, we always recommend that you visit a Stone3 showroom to explore the organic shapes and infinite variety for yourself. This will give you the best idea of what it’s like to work with our surfaces and help to select the best tiles for your project.

At Stone3 we carry the full selection of Crazy Paving tiles at both our Brisbane and Melbourne showrooms. You are welcome to visit us and explore the range of crazy pave tiles or granite floor tiles Brisbane and Melbourne wide at any time. When you visit our showrooms, you not only get to experience our tiles and surfaces firsthand, you can lean on the experience of Stone3’s tile experts.

The team at Stone3 has been delivering incredible projects for decades. We specialise in creating spaces that stand out, and our tile experts are always on hand to provide design, selection and installation advice. Whether you’re planning a small renovation or a large-scale commercial fit out, Stone3 would love to help. Contact us online, or visit our Brisbane and Melbourne showrooms to explore the Crazy Paving range or terrazzo tiles Brisbane and Melbourne wide for yourself.