Clay Zellige

The Clay Zellige series; Authentic Moroccan tiles, 100% hand-crafted based on centuries of tradition. Available in an extensive range of colours. Perfect for a unique kitchen splashback or bathroom wall. Suitable for wall only.
Handmade in Morocco.
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Colour: Aquamarine | Azzure | Bianca Casa | Black | Blue Moon | Blush | Cerise | Charcoal | Chilli | Clay | Emerald | Jade | Kelp | Lily | Midnight | Peter | Rust | Sage | Shiraz | Spearmint | Storm | Teal | Wheat
Size: 100x100mm (m2)
Finish: Gloss
Edge: Rectified
: Glazed Terracotta (Clay)
Edge: Hand Cut, 10mm Thickness
Tile Shade Variation: V4 = Substantial Variation
Application: Wall Only


Our Clay Zellige series are authentic Moroccan tiles, 100% hand-crafted based on centuries of tradition. This range of Moroccan tiles reflects both the appreciation and support of this craft, and the timeless appeal of these stunning Moroccan tiles, characterised by their irregularities and imperfections. Tiles will vary in colour, shade, tone and sizes and display pits, cracks and chipped edges. This is the “Magic of Imperfection”. Check out our zellige tiles Melbourne and Brisbane showroom displays today.


In our high-tech world where a copy is perfect, the high touch Zellij is unique and beautiful in its imperfection. Each piece is unique, carrying with it, its own DNA. The uniqueness of each tile combined with their imperfections is what make these tiles perfect.

Each and every tile is hand chiselled out of the glazed terracotta biscuit to create their shape. Harmonies of colour are created by combining the hand-glazed shade and tone variations. Whilst each piece is perfect alone, they are extraordinary together. For those who love and appreciate the ‘Art of Zellij’, character flaws such as pits, cracks and chipped edges are embraced and the magic of their imperfection comes alive.

We want your tile choices to be 100% right for you, and computers can display colours in unexpected ways. So your best way to confirm your tile choice is to visit us—your tile library—for a firsthand experience. It means you’ll be sure of colour—but also of subtle differences in finishes and texture—and our tile experts can support you with their encyclopaedic knowledge.