Dekton Flooring

Large format and minimal joins. Dekton offers interior floors with great visual continuity and maximum durability, thanks to its large format and mechanical resistance.

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Colour: Albarium 22| Argentium| Kelya| Kreta | Laurent | Nacre | Rem
Size: 710x1420mm | 1420x140mm / 8mm Thickness (m2)
Finish: Matt
Material: Porcelain
Edge: Rectified
Application: Floor and Wall


Dekton is a carbon neutral, ultracompact porcelain surface with an optimised manufacturing process inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of natural stone, that goes beyond nature, achieving the highest product performance.

With a great variety of colours and sizes, Dekton inspires the future of architecture and design by creating soulful spaces where beauty and functionality coexist in a perfect synergy.

Dekton Flooring Benefits


High Scratch Resistance*

Daily use and wear will not scratch Dekton

*Scratch resistance may vary by colour or finishes. XGLOSS finishes are likely to be less resistant to scratches.


High impact resistance

Highly resistant to daily impacts.

Easy maintenance and cleaning with a 25-year warranty


Easy maintenance floors

Easy to clean: just wash with soap and water.


25-year warranty for Dekton floors

Surfaces offer a 25-year, certified, written warranty

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