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Travertine Tiles

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Durable, stunning and incredibly unique, travertine tiles provide a touch of classic luxe to every space. A popular building material for thousands of years, our travertine tile range is unmatched in its versatility. Travertine tiles serve as the perfect addition to every indoor and outdoor space, where they can instantly transform your design and provide a functional yet beautiful aesthetic.

For whatever you’re planning, Stone3’s Brisbane showroom carries a range of travertine tiles and travertine pavers to suit. Available in colours spanning from whites and creams to tan and rusty browns, our travertine tiles can complement every space. Whether you’re building a backyard oasis, crafting a private ensuite or fitting out a luxurious foyer, Stone3 can help select travertine tiles that match your vision.

Our travertine tile range has been handpicked for its beauty and versatility, so we can offer surfaces that match your vision and deliver results you’ll love for decades to come.

What are Travertine Tiles?

Travertine tiles are made from travertine, a type of natural limestone that’s mostly found near mineral springs. Because they’re made of natural stone, travertine tiles boast infinite variation, with natural veins and striations adding depth and interest to each tile. As a form of sedimentary limestone, travertine tiles are less dense than other natural stones such as marble or granite, but they don’t sacrifice beauty or durability. Depending on the installation, you may need to use sealed travertine tiles to protect the natural stone from absorbing moisture and spills.

The true popularity of travertine tiles comes from their versatility. With a relatively low density and high porosity, travertine tiles are lightweight yet incredibly durable. That makes them ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, with travertine tiles often finding their way into kitchens, bathrooms, features, outdoor living areas and more. Travertine tiles perform incredibly well when used outdoors as pavers.

To make the most of the stone’s properties, travertine pavers train a tumbled finish, giving them a naturally non-slip surface. This is perfect for outdoor areas that are exposed to the weather, especially pool areas, outdoor kitchens and footpaths.

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Travertine tiles and travertine pavers continue to deliver the sophistication your project needs. With a range that varies from smooth creams to striking silver colourations, Stone3 can offer travertine tiles that match every element of your design. Whether you’re working on a new bathroom, installing a kitchen splashback or designing the perfect pool area, our in-house tile experts can provide the support you need. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service means our team is always at your disposal, and that we can help select and supply travertine tiles that make your project stand out.

The high quality travertine tiles and travertine pavers supplied by Stone3 offer a classic look that can add elegance to any space you’re planning. Available in a variety of formats and surface finishes, our travertine tile range provides an unmatched sense of tactility and luxury for all indoor and outdoor spaces. To ensure we carry the surfaces you need, we also offer our travertine pavers in coping formats for use in pool areas and staircases.

You can visit our Brisbane or Melbourne tile shop to see our travertine tiles or pool tiles for yourself, or get in touch with us if you’d like help selecting the best surfaces for your project.